Terms And Conditions


Section 1: Work

Article 1 - All work have a contract singed by the client and District Editor

Article 1 - All work & receipts will be stored safely for records

Article 2 - Past clients can be shown in portfolios

Article 3 - All paid work will not be shown without the consent of the client 

Article 4 - Parts of paid work may be shown which will be fully credited to the client

Article 5 - All free work can be shown which may be credited to the client

Article 6 - All free work must be credited

Article 7 - Resources which were used in District Editor's work do not have to be disclosed

Article 8 - District Editor may edit work which may be with out consent but will be credited to the content creator

Section 2: Products

Article 1 - All product have information cards on them which you must read and obey by, they can override this policy 

Article 2 - Products can be used for personal and commercial use

Article 3 - If you buy a product, you get one licence unless stated otherwise

Article 4 - Products can be modified but not sold or shared without the consent of District Editor

Article 5 - Products can not be resold

Article 6 - Products can not be refunded

Article 7 - Free products have to be credited 

Article 8 - Affiliates have been reviewed by District Editor

Article 9 - All affiliates have read the affiliate program page and completed the form

Article 10 - Affiliates can be terminated with out reason

Section 3: Advertisement

Article 1 - Advertisements will be clearly displayed as advertisements

Article 2 - Advertisements can be shown anywhere

Article 3 - Advertisers have been reviewed by District Editor

Article 4 - All advertisers have read the advertise with us page and completed the form

Article 5 - How much advertisers pay for adverts does not have to be disclosed

Article 6 - All partners are shown in the partners page

Article 7 - Partners have been reviewed by District Editor

Article 8 - All partners have read the advertise with me page and completed the form

Article 9 - Affiliate links are not classed as advertisements

Article 10 - The compensation District Editor receives may impact how and where you see an affiliate link

Section 4: Donations

Article 1 - Where you donation goes does not need to be disclosed

Article 2 - Donations are non-refundable

Section 5: Communication

Article 1 -We do not tolerate any rudeness to anyone 

Article 2 - You always have to behave professional

Article 3 - Nudity is is taken very serious

Article 4 - It is your responsibility to report 

Section 6: Privacy

Article 1 - All non-personal information about you is only stored for records

Article 2 - All personal information is deleted when it is no longer needed

Article 3 - We do not sell your information

Article 4 - Cookies are always shown

Article 5 - We do not control cookies 

Section 6: Copyright

Article 1 - Credit must be shown when requested 

Article 2 - All District Editors's content can not be copied any way, shape or form

Article 3 - All copyright is respected

Section 7: Other Polices

Article 1 - District Editor obeys all UK law, where we are based.

Article 2 - District Editor follows District's policy

Article 3 - All services District Editor uses, their policy is followed.

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